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Skippables - Promote your Brand, Business, App and Game.

Create the most engaging ad

Skippables not only allows you to upload your video ad, also we provide a set of templates that are customizable, just choose the one which fits your requirements and your video campaign is ready to start in some minutes.

On your customers can create advertising campaigns and run banners and video ads in other people’s apps.

Ads are geo-targeted. Businesses spend thousands of dollars per month on mobile app advertising.

OpenRTB Real-time bidding

Real-time Bidding (RTB) is a way of transacting media that allows an individual ad impression to be put up for bid in real-time. This is done through a programmatic on-the-spot auction, which is similar to how financial markets operate.

Skippables is an OpenRTB Ad Exchange Platform

OpenRTB Ad Exchange Platform

Why programmatic real-time bidding?

Programmatic RTB advertising allows you to access your audience more efficiently and transparently. Rather than pre-purchasing impressions in bulk, programmatic media buying uses software to make an informed decision about every single impression in real time. You have insight into exactly where each impression appeared, the ad unit used, and the audience reached. You can also optimize in real time.

Skippable Video Ads

All our video ads can be skipped after 5 seconds of playtime, that's why we have the Highest Audience Retention Rate.

- Interstitial Full Screen Popup Ads like games or interactive dialog bubbles.

- Video Full Screen Popup Ads. CPM or CPC Advertising Campaigns.

- in-App Banner Ads on top or bottom of the screen. CPM or CPC Advertising Campaigns.

Extra Lightweight SDK

Skippables is the infrastructure for in-app video advertising. Our SDK enables you to generate more revenue for your app with high-performing video ads.

Drive performance and enhance the ad experience by giving advertisers the right ad formats of new templates in which their creative can be used. We support the formats that best fit your user experience and monetization strategy. Each template is responsive, so ads always looks great - regardless of OS, device or screen orientation.

Your Own Programmatic Universe

Our White Label advertising platforms are fully customizable and include a wide range of optimization tools to deliver entirely fresh and delightful experience that serves all the needs of the end user. Create your own branded environment by adding your corporate identity to the pre-designed framework template and start using Skippables White Label RTB advertising platforms today under your own brand name!

White Label Packages create websites for customers who want to run their own advertiser Agency and become part of a multi-billion dollar advertiser industry.

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What We Deliver To Publishers


Earn more for your inventory by selling to the highest bidders worldwide.


Advertisers control where ads should be displayed. In HOT GEO AREAS bids are high which means more money for you.


Skippables partners with top advertisers to ensure you near 100% global fill rates.