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Author: Mobiblocks Admin

Platform: iOS



Balloon Keepers is an amazing simple game, inspired by trending game “The Keepers” and “Rise Up”. You can also have this game and play this game by your style. You need protect the balloon from bad obstacle and avoid them before hit the balloon or you will lose the game. Up to 60+ unique levels available on this game. Much funny and much block bad obstacle will block you ahead. This game is generated by Buildbox software.

- Universal (phone & tablet)
- Skippables Banner and Interstitial
- Share buttons
- Rate Button
- Online Leaderboards
- 60 Levels Available
- Easy Reskin.


Back-End Application
backend server
Web Front-End Application
iOS Front-End Application SOURCE CODE:$249.00
Front-End iOS
Android Front-End Application
Front-End Android

Features of this project library:

  • Skippables Advertise Banner Skippables Advertise Banner
  • Skippables Advertise Interstitial Skippables Advertise Interstitial
  • Localization Localization
  • Forms Forms


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