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Broadcast is a way to subscribe to and send push notifications about the things you care about. With Broadcast, you'll know instantly when your favorite podcast has a new episode, your favorite blog has a new post, your favorite band has a new show, and more. With built-in social sharing, you'll be the first person in your network to break news. Download our app to get started!

Build on top of a platform made for developers. provides infrastructure for developers to build social applications. We believe that a vibrant developer ecosystem increases the value of our service, thus our incentives are fundamentally aligned. Want to see what you can build on top of the platform? Check out our API.

Backer: Crowdfunding for features.

It's hard for software makers to gauge the market size for a hypothetical new feature, so we built Backer to enable crowdfunding for features. Should you build an Android version of your iOS app? Should you accept Bitcoin? Should you build an API for a feature customers have been requesting? Launch a Backer crowdfunding page and take a data-driven approach to deciding what to build next. Sign up today.

One account. Many applications.

Use your account to access a network of amazing social apps integrated with You can talk to friends with group messaging apps, share pictures and documents with file storage apps, and tell stories with microblogging apps. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, everything that you put into is yours. That means we'll never sell your data. Find the right apps for you and make your own.