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Supported Features

We are here to help companies and individuals create professional iPhone and Android applications at an affordable price. Using is really easy. You can start creating native iPhone and Android applications right away. Choose a project library, easily edit and format your content, then add pictures and multimedia files.

Chat Icon


Basic peer to peer chat functionality along with an ability to share images have push notifications, and in-app notifications.

Chat Cover
Catalog Icon


A list of the contents arranged according to any of various systems.

Catalog Cover
Community Forum Icon

Community Forum

Lets users engage in discussions.

Community Forum Cover
Custom Form Icon

Custom Form

Allows the users to have a custom form with custom fields.

Custom Form Cover
Blog Importing Icon

Blog Importing

A feature to import blog content from Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr

Blog Importing Cover
Multiple Files Uploading Icon

Multiple Files Uploading

Support for upload of multiple files - photos, videos, and documents.

Multiple Files Uploading Cover
Wordpress Content Exporting Icon

Wordpress Content Exporting

A feature to export content to Wordpress

Wordpress Content Exporting Cover
Content Flag Icon

Content Flag

Ability to flag inappropriate content.

Content Flag Cover
Content Moderation Icon

Content Moderation

Content Moderation is the practice of monitoring and applying a pre-determined set of rules and guidelines to user-generated content to determine if the communication (a post, in particular) is permissible or not.

Content Moderation Cover
Data Import/Export Icon

Data Import/Export

Allows the users to Import/Export data from CSV, JSON, XML files.

Data Import/Export Cover
Data Migration Icon

Data Migration

A feature to migrate data from one server to another.

Data Migration Cover
File Sharing Icon

File Sharing

Allows the users to share documents on Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter

File Sharing Cover
Document Previewing Icon

Document Previewing

A view controller that previews, opens, or prints files whose file format cannot be handled directly by your app

Document Previewing Cover
Dynamic Content Icon

Dynamic Content

Content that changes based on user access time, user preferences, and personal information.

Dynamic Content Cover
File Attachment Icon

File Attachment

Allows the users to attach files - document, photo, & video.

File Attachment Cover
Import Photoshop Documents (PSD) Icon

Import Photoshop Documents (PSD)

A feature that let's user import photoshop documents

Import Photoshop Documents (PSD) Cover
Paid Content Icon

Paid Content

Allows users to pay for the premium content - text, graphics, video, and downloads.

Paid Content Cover
PDF Conversion Icon

PDF Conversion

A feature to convert files from PDF format to different format like .doc, .docx etc.

PDF Conversion Cover
Spell Check Icon

Spell Check

A feature to check the spelling in real time text editing

Spell Check Cover
 Travel Guide Icon

Travel Guide

A feature to help you plan your next journey.

 Travel Guide Cover
Automated Email Sending Icon

Automated Email Sending

Send automated emails to users. These can be based on customised rules or actions such as reminders.

Automated Email Sending Cover
Daily Schedule Notification Icon

Daily Schedule Notification

Sending notifications for the day's schedule.

Daily Schedule Notification Cover
 Email Notifications Icon

Email Notifications

Email Notifications - $900.00 (1.0 week) Email notifications to users, ability to unsubscribe to such emails.

 Email Notifications Cover
Notifications Icon


Notifications page that loads the recent notifications, show unread ones and provides an ability to respond to different types of messages.

Notifications Cover
Real-Time Updates Icon

Real-Time Updates

Get real-time updates on data on your dashboard.

Real-Time Updates Cover
Reviews Icon


Ability to add reviews along with ratings for the items in the application.

Reviews Cover
Surveys Icon


Ability to create and analyze surveys.

Surveys Cover
Affiliate URL Icon

Affiliate URL

Add affiliate URLs to items listed. When a user clicks an item, they are taken to a third-party website to buy the item and generate commission.

Affiliate URL Cover
Bidding Icon


A feature that lets user bid and take part in-app auctions.

Bidding Cover
Coupons Icon


Ability to create a coupon, set and apply them to your selection.

Coupons Cover
Dashboard Icon


A single place to monitor the current state of the business

Dashboard Cover
Discounts & Offers Icon

Discounts & Offers

A dedicated section listing all the app discounts & offers.

Discounts & Offers Cover
Favorites Icon


Allows users to create a customized list of favorite friends, photos, and posts.

Favorites Cover
Loyalty System Icon

Loyalty System

Loyalty feature that offers discount/rewards to customers based on the kind of engagement.

Loyalty System Cover
Shopping Cart Icon

Shopping Cart

A feature for customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase.

Shopping Cart Cover
Wishlist Icon


Allows users to add their favorite products for later purchase or share with other people.

Wishlist Cover
Advanced Search Icon

Advanced Search

Give more ways to filter searches. Base options on categories and criteria you have inside the product, so users can find what they want faster

Advanced Search Cover
Account Creation Icon

Account Creation

Create an account with an email address and password. Useful for authenticating users' identities before they can use the product.

Account Creation Cover
Contacts Icon


A feature to sync device address book

Contacts Cover
Facebook Login Icon

Facebook Login

Login or register using Facebook account.

Facebook Login Cover
File Compression Icon

File Compression

Ability to compress files in the application

File Compression Cover
Forgot Password Icon

Forgot Password

A feature to put a request to recover the password

Forgot Password Cover
Free Trial Icon

Free Trial

Offers a free-trial version of your app to your users.

Free Trial Cover
 Google Voice Assistant Icon

Google Voice Assistant

A feature that allows application to work with human voice command

 Google Voice Assistant Cover
Keyword Search Icon

Keyword Search

A feature to search for keywords to optimise your content

Keyword Search Cover
Landing Page Icon

Landing Page

A screen that is entry point of any application and allows you to read general information about it.

Landing Page Cover
Linkedin Login Icon

Linkedin Login

Allows users to log in or register using a LinkedIn account.

Linkedin Login Cover
Google Login Icon

Google Login

Login or register using Google account.

Google Login Cover
Phone Login Icon

Phone Login

Login or register using facebook account.

Phone Login Cover
Promo Codes Icon

Promo Codes

Ability to create promo codes and apply them through the application

Promo Codes Cover
Search Icon


Search field page and show results of the search using Elastic Search.

Search Cover
Sign In Icon

Sign In

Allow user to sign in

Sign In Cover
Sign In Via Instagram Icon

Sign In Via Instagram

Ability to login the application through Instagram account

Sign In Via Instagram Cover
Sorting Icon


Allowing users to quickly sort content as per the selected criteria (location, rating, name etc).

Sorting Cover
Splash Screen Icon

Splash Screen

A graphical element to notify the user that the program is in the process of loading

Splash Screen Cover
Terms And Condition Page Icon

Terms And Condition Page

Terms And Condition Page

Terms And Condition Page Cover
Tutorials Icon


The Screen that is displayed just after the splash screen

Tutorials Cover
Two-Factor Authentication Icon

Two-Factor Authentication

Two authentication factors to verify using email or phone number, if a user is who they say they are.

Two-Factor Authentication Cover
User Avatar Icon

User Avatar

Allows the users to have avatars as their profile picture.

User Avatar Cover
Leaderboard Icon


Show leaderboard for all the users on the application.

Leaderboard Cover
Automatic Renewals Icon

Automatic Renewals

Users can automatically renew their subscription. Saves time and makes it easier for them to remain a customer.

Automatic Renewals Cover
 Collect Transaction Fees Icon

Collect Transaction Fees

Collect a percentage from transactions that happen inside the product. No need to spend time manually searching and filtering individual transactions.

 Collect Transaction Fees Cover
Donation Payments Icon

Donation Payments

Users can make a donation at the checkout stage. They only have to enter the amount, so it integrates automatically with the total.

Donation Payments Cover
Invoice Billing Icon

Invoice Billing

Invoice Billing allows you to bill your customers.

Invoice Billing Cover
Multiple Currency Support Icon

Multiple Currency Support

Multiple Currency Support

Multiple Currency Support Cover
Payment Admin Icon

Payment Admin

Providing section in the admin panel to manage payments and entries.

Payment Admin Cover
Premium Plan Comparison Icon

Premium Plan Comparison

Enables your audience to compare features from different plans. Highlight important features to help them decide which one to choose.

Premium Plan Comparison Cover
Refund Management Icon

Refund Management

Users can request, reject or receive refunds with automatic or manual approval. Includes option to send progress reports by email or SMS.

Refund Management Cover
 Split Payments Icon

Split Payments

Allows users to split transaction fees across two accounts.

 Split Payments Cover
Subscription Billing Icon

Subscription Billing

Bill consumers on a time determined basis.

Subscription Billing Cover
Tax Calculator Icon

Tax Calculator

A feature that allows admin to create tax logic and apply them through the application

Tax Calculator Cover
Wallet Icon


Ability to create wallet in the application and add/ withdraw money from it.

Wallet Cover
Alexa Integration Icon

Alexa Integration

Integrate Alexa and give your product access to services such as automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech engines

Alexa Integration Cover
Amazon Pay Integration Icon

Amazon Pay Integration

Integrate Amazon Pay so users can pay with their Amazon account. Using their Amazon account information means checkout is fast and secure, plus the Amazon brand can help to offer reassurance.

Amazon Pay Integration Cover
Apple Pay Integration Icon

Apple Pay Integration

Users can make payments using Apple Pay. This speeds up transactions, and means no financial data has to be stored on the product's servers.

Apple Pay Integration Cover
Bluetooth Integration Icon

Bluetooth Integration

Enable the product to start automatically when it connects to a Bluetooth-enabled device. Saves the user having to spend time on configuration, and makes it easier to start using the product

Bluetooth Integration Cover
Custom Advertisements Icon

Custom Advertisements

Create custom banner ads within the Admin Console, which are then displayed to users. You have complete control over what's displayed.

Custom Advertisements Cover
DocuSign Integration Icon

DocuSign Integration

Integrate DocuSign technologies into the product. You can then manage every step of a transaction digitally, from preparing and sending documents, to signing and auditing.

DocuSign Integration Cover
Freshdesk Integration Icon

Freshdesk Integration

Integrate Freshdesk for users. They can benefit from Freshdesk's cloud-based customer support without having to exit the product.

Freshdesk Integration Cover
Getty Images Integration Icon

Getty Images Integration

Integrate Getty Images to access millions of photos, videos and vectors. Publishers and creators can then enhance their content with multimedia while inside the product

Getty Images Integration Cover
Google AdSense Integration Icon

Google AdSense Integration

Integrate Google AdSense to display ads and monetise visits and users. Google decides which ads to display, based on the content you publish.

Google AdSense Integration Cover
Google Pay Integration Icon

Google Pay Integration

Users can pay for items using their Google account details. Makes checkout faster for Google account holders, and helps reassure users by showing the Google brand

Google Pay Integration Cover
 G Suite Integration Icon

G Suite Integration

Integrate your product with the G Suite range of services, such as Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Forms. Extends the capabilities and possibilities of how your product can be used for collaboration, work and productivity.

 G Suite Integration Cover
Email Lists Icon

Email Lists

Manage email lists inside the application. Users can view, edit and manage email addresses for use in communications and onboarding.

Email Lists Cover
Neural Net API for Android Icon

Neural Net API for Android

Enable machine intelligence on Android, with Neural Networks API via the NDK. It enables hardware-accelerated inference operations on supported devices

Neural Net API for Android Cover
Google News Integration Icon

Google News Integration

Ability to syncronize with Google News and display results in the application

Google News Integration Cover
HubSpot Integration Icon

HubSpot Integration

Integrate HubSpot with the product for advanced Customer Relationship Management. Use HubSpot features to enhance your product, for example with personalisation, engagement history, and lead scoring.

HubSpot Integration Cover
Integrate Android Wear UI Library Icon

Integrate Android Wear UI Library

Enables your wearable's appearance to be optimised across Android wearable devices. Ensures the layout will work on round or square screens and user actions (such as press or swipe) are consistent

Integrate Android Wear UI Library Cover
MailChimp Integration Icon

MailChimp Integration

Integrate your Mailchimp account to exchange data to and from your product. Enables you to use Mailchimp's features without exiting the product.

MailChimp Integration Cover
 Mailing List Integration Icon

Mailing List Integration

Email addresses collected through the product are added to a mailing list. Saves time compared to manual uploading of contact details, and automatically gives you a database for communication or marketing.

 Mailing List Integration Cover
Mixpanel Integration Icon

Mixpanel Integration

Integrate the Mixpanel SDK or API. Enables the product to send and receive Mixpanel analytics and insights relating to the product.

Mixpanel Integration Cover
Online Booking Integration Icon

Online Booking Integration

Integrate a third-party booking app of your choice. Users can then make bookings without exiting the product.

Online Booking Integration Cover
Outlook Integration Icon

Outlook Integration

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook Service. Users can have contacts, tasks and calendar events synchronised automatically.

Outlook Integration Cover
 Payroll Integration Icon

Payroll Integration

Integrate the product with a payroll system to send and receive data. Enables the product to be used as an accounting tool.

 Payroll Integration Cover
Paytm Wallet Integration Icon

Paytm Wallet Integration

Integrate Paytm so users can pay with their Paytm account. Useful for attracting customers who don't want to pay with a card or cash.

Paytm Wallet Integration Cover
Radio Integration Icon

Radio Integration

Users can search and find radio stations which they can listen to inside the product. Includes options to filter by genre, region and save/favourite stations.

Radio Integration Cover
RSS feeds Icon

RSS feeds

Users can read content as soon as it's uploaded by their favourite publishers. These can be collected from any platform offering RSS

RSS feeds Cover
 Salesforce Integration Icon

Salesforce Integration

Integrate Salesforce so that the product can send and receive data. Use to enhance the CRM and boost productivity.

 Salesforce Integration Cover
Slack Integration Icon

Slack Integration

Integrate Slack functionality to be used inside the product. Users can access their Slack messaging, tools and files without exiting the product.

Slack Integration Cover
 Syncs with Evernote Icon

Syncs with Evernote

Users can save content within the product to Evernote. Through an Evernote account, the saved content can be available on any logged-in device

 Syncs with Evernote Cover
Twilio Integration Icon

Twilio Integration

Integrate the Twilio API to unlock Twilio's services for users. They can take advantage of Twilio's features without having to exit the product.

Twilio Integration Cover
Weather Integration Icon

Weather Integration

Sync with Google Weather reports. Users can then see weather reports while inside the product.

Weather Integration Cover
YouTube Integration Icon

YouTube Integration

Give users YouTube functionality inside the app. Search and view videos hosted on YouTube, rather than uploading large video files to your server.

YouTube Integration Cover
Barcodes Scanner Icon

Barcodes Scanner

Scan, read and process a barcode, using the device's camera. The result can be used with your inventory for reference.

Barcodes Scanner Cover
 Item Availability Icon

Item Availability

Calculate availability of a product when it's added to a user's cart. This is based on the current stock levels and any reservations, so customers can complete their purchase rather than try to buy and then be disappointed by a 'Sorry, out of stock' message.

 Item Availability Cover
Google Maps Icon

Google Maps

Add Google Maps functionality to the product. Enables users to benefit from navigation and location features with a Google Maps API integration.

Google Maps Cover
Map Settings Icon

Map Settings

Users can record and view their movements on a map. Can be used to understand routes taken by users between start and finish.

Map Settings Cover
Order Summary Icon

Order Summary

The Order Summary will provide you with the payment and profit breakdown of an individual order.

Order Summary Cover
 Pricing Engine Icon

Pricing Engine

Helps you find the right price to sell your items. Works by showing different prices and measuring whether sales go up or down depending on the prices.

 Pricing Engine Cover


Enable the product to identify, track and trace tags attached to inventory items. Offers an alternative to using traditional barcodes.

RFID Cover
Settings Icon


A list of common settings for the product. These are: Change password, deactivate account, edit profile.

Settings Cover
Summary Card Icon

Summary Card

Display a summary of all selections made inside the product. Useful for ecommerce checkouts, or giving users an overall view of their completed actions.

Summary Card Cover
Delivery Estimator Icon

Delivery Estimator

Predicts and displays when a customer can expect to get their item delivered. Helps to set customer expectations and automatically answer one of their most common questions.

Delivery Estimator Cover
Expense Tracking Icon

Expense Tracking

Record and view expense accounts. Users can see a list of individual credits and debits, with the overall total automatically calculated.

Expense Tracking Cover
Order detail view Icon

Order detail view

Displays a summary of order details. Choose elements such as Customer ID, order status, shipment status, product name, size, price.

Order detail view Cover
Reservations Icon


Users can reserve a ticket inside the product. Filters can include times (for events), seats (for transport).

Reservations Cover
Waiting List Icon

Waiting List

Maintain a waiting list for those interested in the product. Helps avoid disappointing potential customers and reduces cancellation risks.

Waiting List Cover
 Certification Tracking Icon

Certification Tracking

Manage employee training and certifications from 1 central place. View their current qualifications, and confirm progress with one tap/click.

 Certification Tracking Cover
CV/Resume Candidate Management Icon

CV/Resume Candidate Management

Manage people's profiles and CVs/resumes from a dashboard. See a summary of their details, store documents, add and remove entries, search and filter.

CV/Resume Candidate Management Cover
Demo Account Icon

Demo Account

Enable test/practice sessions with a demo account. Users can fully explore the product and test different scenarios without posing any risks to live data.

Demo Account Cover
 Form Approval Workflow Icon

Form Approval Workflow

Approve, deny and comment on forms. This feature is often used to speed up routing, workflows and processes

 Form Approval Workflow Cover
 Lead Management Icon

Lead Management

Track and manage the flow of leads into the product. View lead contact records and data in one place.

 Lead Management Cover
Organisation Hierarchy Icon

Organisation Hierarchy

View a diagram showing an organisation's structure. Useful for showing communication paths between departments or employees.

Organisation Hierarchy Cover
 Timesheet Management Icon

Timesheet Management

Users can record when they start and finish a task or activity. Creates a central record that shows the time taken by each user.

 Timesheet Management Cover
Time Tracking & Billing Icon

Time Tracking & Billing

Track hours worked, to quickly calculate payments due. The feature also shows the hours worked, making it useful for managing time and productivity.

Time Tracking & Billing Cover
Annotations Icon


Add notes to documents. These are in text form, to support collaboration and information sharing.

Annotations Cover
Appointment Management Icon

Appointment Management

Users can set up an appointment inside the product. This includes SMS/email integration for sending updates and reminders.

Appointment Management Cover
Conference Call Icon

Conference Call

Allows the users to have video/audio call with several people at the same time.

Conference Call Cover
Convert File Icon

Convert File

Convert a File to a specific format

Convert File Cover
Data Storage Icon

Data Storage

Users can manage documents they have inside the product. Helps them find what they need quickly, without having to exit the product or spend time importing and exporting.

Data Storage Cover
Do Not Disturb Icon

Do Not Disturb

Users can enable a Do Not Disturb mode while inside the product, so other users will be unable to contact them. Often used when in meetings, across different time zones, or for limiting usage and access.

Do Not Disturb Cover
Download Options Icon

Download Options

A feature to download documents/ media/ files to a device

Download Options Cover
Elastic Search Icon

Elastic Search

Extend basic searches, by displaying suggested search terms and autocomplete. Users can find what they need faster, and they get a experience similar to one they expect from search engines and many ecommerce websites and streaming platforms.

Elastic Search Cover
Google Calendar Sync Icon

Google Calendar Sync

Users can import contacts from their Google account into the product. Ensures their contact list can stay updated.

Google Calendar Sync Cover
Kanban Board Icon

Kanban Board

Enable users to manage agile projects. Includes options for adding boards, lists, tasks and workflows.

Kanban Board Cover
Language Options Icon

Language Options

Users have the option to change the language used, based on how many translations are supplied. Makes the product open to more users from more regions.

Language Options Cover
Navigation Menu Icon

Navigation Menu

Show a navigation menu on mobile devices that's different to a navigation menu on desktops. Remove or add menu options depending on what you want users to see on different sized screens.

Navigation Menu Cover
Offline Browsing Icon

Offline Browsing

Download content for offline use. Useful in areas where internet connection is unreliable, or when users have limited data.

Offline Browsing Cover
 Recurring Appointments Icon

Recurring Appointments

Create a series of appointments that happen at the same time over a specific period. Saves time compared to creating the same appointment multiple times.

 Recurring Appointments Cover
Split View Interface Icon

Split View Interface

Display two panes within one screen. Helps users multi-task and view multiple streams even on smaller screens

Split View Interface Cover
Sync Options Icon

Sync Options

The product and its files are available and up-to-date from any device. Users choose which devices to sync from and to ? only an internet connection is needed.

Sync Options Cover
Volume Control Icon

Volume Control

Enables users to change how loud or quiet the product sounds. Gives more control over volume without needing to change settings on the device.

Volume Control Cover
 World Clock Icon

World Clock

Show different times around the world inside the product. Users can choose a country and see a clock (12-hour or 24-hour format) with its local time zone

 World Clock Cover
Baseline Reporting Icon

Baseline Reporting

View reports of historical data inside the product. Shown in tabular format, making it useful for analysing different periods.

Baseline Reporting Cover
Categories/Sub Categories Icon

Categories/Sub Categories

Use categories and subcategories to organise and group data, products, listings or posts. Helps manage large amounts of data, and can benefit users when they want to search and filter items.

Categories/Sub Categories Cover
Credit/Debit Card Payments Icon

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Users can add credit/debit card details to make payments inside the product. Offers a convenient and fast way to complete purchases.

Credit/Debit Card Payments Cover
Idea Management Icon

Idea Management

A management system to track & manage your business ideas & notes.

Idea Management Cover
Notification Settings Icon

Notification Settings

Users can configure how and when notifications are received. Users can then better control their experience of using the product.

Notification Settings Cover
Project Templates Icon

Project Templates

Project Templates

Project Templates Cover
Abuse Detector Icon

Abuse Detector

Use Natural Language Processing to detect abusive or obscene text content, based on words/phrases you supply. Reduces the time needed for manual monitoring of content.

Abuse Detector Cover
Answer Bot Icon

Answer Bot

Based on the content of the support ticket, the Answer Bot sends an email containing potentially relevant Knowledge Base articles. By using machine learning, the Answer Bot can respond to customer support tickets 24/7.

Answer Bot Cover
 Barcode Settings Icon

Barcode Settings

Customise and assign barcodes for items relating to the product. Use them internally for managing stock, or for others to scan and sell or buy.

 Barcode Settings Cover
Core Machine Learning Icon

Core Machine Learning

Build, train, deploy and integrate Apple machine learning models inside the product. Opens up new possibilities in areas including neural networks, natural language, speech recognition.

Core Machine Learning Cover
Duplicate Detection Icon

Duplicate Detection

Finds duplicate content inside the product. Helps focus more attention on the important pieces of content, avoids the product becoming overloaded unnecessarily, and improves the user experience.

Duplicate Detection Cover
 Emotion Detection Icon

Emotion Detection

Analyses text and assesses it against 5 emotions: anger, fear, joy, sadness, and surprise.

 Emotion Detection Cover
 Face Tagging Icon

Face Tagging

Identifies faces in images of people, but doesn't identify who the people are. Users can then add tags to each person for reference.

 Face Tagging Cover
Keyword Extractor Icon

Keyword Extractor

Use artificial intelligence to extract specific words from sentences, paragraphs and other text formats. Can be used with large amounts of text, and completed at a faster speed than humans.

Keyword Extractor Cover
Language Detection Icon

Language Detection

Detects language used by the user. Content can then be served up in the user's own language, either automatically or as an option.

Language Detection Cover
 Machine Learning (ML) Image Categorisation Icon

Machine Learning (ML) Image Categorisation

Enables the product to categorise and cluster images based on similarities. Can be used for managing large amounts of images quickly.

 Machine Learning (ML) Image Categorisation Cover
 Multiple Gesture Recognisers Icon

Multiple Gesture Recognisers

Enable multiple gesture recognisers within the product. Enables different actions, such as tap and zoom, to happen at the same time.

 Multiple Gesture Recognisers Cover
Product Recommendation Engine Icon

Product Recommendation Engine

Predicts and shows items a customer is likely to buy. This is based on cart content, order history, and browsing behaviour.

Product Recommendation Engine Cover
Repeating Task Icon

Repeating Task

Create a series of tasks that happen at the same time over a specific period. Saves time compared to creating the same task multiple times.

Repeating Task Cover
Sentiment Analysis Icon

Sentiment Analysis

Uses Machine Learning to analyse the sentiment of any text. Displays the results in the product to help you understand your audience's feelings and attitudes.

Sentiment Analysis Cover
 Smart Categorization Icon

Smart Categorization

Automatically sorts tasks by due date. Helps users prioritise and quickly see what needs to be done today, tomorrow and in the future.

 Smart Categorization Cover
Targeted Feed Icon

Targeted Feed

Shows users a feed of activity based on their interests and what they engage in. Users get a relevant, personalised feed that uses analytics, ML and a recommendation system.

Targeted Feed Cover
Text Comparison Icon

Text Comparison

Paste two pieces of text or code and compare them inside the product. Any differences found are highlighted for quick reference

Text Comparison Cover
 Visual Search Icon

Visual Search

A form of search that uses images instead of text. Users upload an image, and the product shows search results based on what it 'sees'. Example: User takes a photo of a dog and the product identifies the breed.

 Visual Search Cover
Video Ads Icon

Video Ads

Show video ads inside the product. Adapts to your needs, with options to choose video length, and any clicks/actions needed.

Video Ads Cover
Statistics & Reports Icon

Statistics & Reports

Users can discover how the content they publish is performing. A single dashboard shows pageviews, bounce rate, time on page, giving insight into what content is working best.

Statistics & Reports Cover
Session Reporting Icon

Session Reporting

Log incoming and outgoing connections to the product. Helps you identify potential security breaches and monitor suspicious behaviour

Session Reporting Cover
Budgeting & Forecasting Icon

Budgeting & Forecasting

Uses your data to help forecast expenses, revenue and budget. Includes a dashboard for organising and viewing different metrics together in one place.

Budgeting & Forecasting Cover
Ad Manager Icon

Ad Manager

Choose when and where ads should be displayed to users. This feature can help with monetising the product, or showing users relevant messages.

Ad Manager Cover
Deep Linking Icon

Deep Linking

A URL is created and whenever someone clicks on it, the product either opens a specific location inside the product or invites them to download to their device. A quick tactic for highlighting particular aspects of the product to different target audiences.

Deep Linking Cover
Sales Reporting Icon

Sales Reporting

Generate a sales report showing the metrics you need. Includes the option to filter by date to evaluate historical performance.

Sales Reporting Cover
Referrals Icon


Add a referral program to your product. Existing users can share your product, and you can track if this results in more users signing up

Referrals Cover
Automated Prioritisation Icon

Automated Prioritisation

Highlight tasks that are due and overdue. Orange = up to 24 hours over a deadline. Red = 24+ hours over a deadline.

Automated Prioritisation Cover
Time Tracker Icon

Time Tracker

Track how long a user spends on a task inside the product. Log manual times, or set the tracker to start and stop based on actions that suit your goals

Time Tracker Cover
Team Builder Icon

Team Builder

Enable users to create, edit and view teams. Photos, names and profile information can all be viewed from a single visual dashboard.

Team Builder Cover
 Task Blocker Icon

Task Blocker

Users can highlight tasks to be completed urgently. Makes it easy to identify any blockers and helps keep teams aligned.

 Task Blocker Cover
Scheduling Icon


Organise tasks into a schedule. Includes the option to prioritise for supporting project management.

Scheduling Cover
Task List Icon

Task List

Ability to create, manage, and track a TO-DO list of tasks.

Task List Cover
Prioritise Icon


Enables users to manage the tasks they have. Includes options to assign priority levels and due dates, to manage time and workloads.

Prioritise Cover
Accept CC Icon

Accept CC

To accept credit cards in your app all you need is an Authorize.NET marchant account. Add this feature to your app, configure it with Authorize.NET merchant ID and API Key. Selling products in your app should be easy and secure.

Accept CC Cover
Alarm Button Icon

Alarm Button

Alarm or Panic Button. Send automatic Panic Emails or SMS messages to configured reciepients. It will send out your location on the map plus will capture sound and/or video footage recorded automatically. Great for bail bonds, medical, legal or other emergency communication needs.

Alarm Button Cover
Appointment System Icon

Appointment System

The best business tool that allow clients to book, reschedule and cancel appointments through your app. Lets you create more than one booking page if you need, where you can customize details such as location, price, appointment duration, and cancellation policy. Each service can also have its own intake form for your clients. Supported Calendars: Google Calendar, iCloud

Appointment System Cover
Audio Library Icon

Audio Library

Audio books. Create your own audio book library.

Audio Library Cover
Audio Stream Icon

Audio Stream

Audio Stream

Audio Stream Cover
Conference Call Icon

Conference Call

Audio Conference

Conference Call Cover
Direct Video Call Icon

Direct Video Call

Video Conference

Direct Video Call Cover
Email Login Icon

Email Login

Login or register with email, forgot password, reset password.

Email Login Cover
e-Signature Icon


e-Signature re-invented. Leave the phone lines open for new business by having your clients e-sign documents directly from your mobile app. Streamline paperwork and process cases easier.

e-Signature Cover
Forms Icon



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Geofence Icon


A geofence is a virtual fence that's placed around a real-world location. They can range in size from very small (encircling a store) to very large (covering an entire city). Most often, geofences are placed around specific buildings or other points of interest. Someone with a phone and your app installed on it will receive a push notification when they enter or exit a geofence you define.

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Gps tracking

A GPS tracking unit is a device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location, and hence that of its carrier, at intervals.

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HQ Image Library

HQ Image Library

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In-App Purchases

Offer customers extra content and features using in-app purchases, including premium content, digital goods, and subscriptions - directly within your app.

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Language localisation is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated into multiple languages to a specific country or region.

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Loyalty Coupon

This feature allows your customers to receive discounts based on their loyalty score. When they make a purchase, their loyalty score goes up. Higher loyalty scores gives higher discounts.

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Public Calendar

Public Calendar displays your calendar in your app. People can book time with you via your app. Great if you don't want a complex appointment system but still want to share your calenndar with the public. It integrates with Google Calendar. You manage your schedule on Google and your Google Calendar syncs with your app.

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Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. You can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. They can do a lot of things; for example, they can show the latest sports scores, get a user to take an action, such as downloading a coupon, or let a user know about an event, such as a flash sale. Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app.

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QR Code Coupon

This feature prompts users to scan QR codes at a specific sales point and take advantage of offered discounts.

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Skippables Advertise Banner

Skippable banner ads are small banners displayed on top of on botton of the device screen. They are about 50px in height and thus are notl bothering people using the app. Create a CPM campaign on and earn big from simply displaying tiny banner ads in your app.

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Skippables Advertise Interstitial

Interstitial ads pay a lot. That's your best option if you plan to monetize your app from ads. Skippables have highest audience retention rate in the industry, so you don't risk loosing your audience because of ads.

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Video Library Icon

Video Library

You make a list of videos and upload all of them to the cloud. First time application user watches a video it pulls it from cloud. Second and consecutive watches, video is loaded from device storage. Thus, your video content is available even in offline mode, when there is no internet connection.

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360 View

With this feature, you can enjoy beautiful 360 panorama view. It's very easy to use. Create a 360 degree panoramic view by uploading 8 images each taken at a 45 degree angle.

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Voice Record List

It records in MP3. That makes the sound files compatible with virtually everything. It is like a forum but in voices. Users record voice messages, along with that MP3 files get uploaded automatically to the cloud and instantly available for other users to listen.

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