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Supported Features

We are here to help companies and individuals create professional iPhone and Android applications at an affordable price. Using is really easy. You can start creating native iPhone and Android applications right away. Choose a project library, easily edit and format your content, then add pictures and multimedia files.

Surveys Icon


Ability to create and analyze surveys.

Surveys Cover
Coupons Icon


Ability to create a coupon, set and apply them to your selection.

Coupons Cover
DocuSign Integration Icon

DocuSign Integration

Integrate DocuSign technologies into the product. You can then manage every step of a transaction digitally, from preparing and sending documents, to signing and auditing.

DocuSign Integration Cover
Community Forum Icon

Community Forum

Lets users engage in discussions

Community Forum Cover
e-Signature Icon


e-Signature re-invented. Leave the phone lines open for new business by having your clients e-sign documents directly from your mobile app. Streamline paperwork and process cases easier.

e-Signature Cover
In-App Purchases Icon

In-App Purchases

Offer customers extra content and features using in-app purchases, including premium content, digital goods, and subscriptions - directly within your app.

In-App Purchases Cover
Localization Icon


Language localisation is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated into multiple languages to a specific country or region.

Localization Cover
Push Notifications Icon

Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. You can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. They can do a lot of things; for example, they can show the latest sports scores, get a user to take an action, such as downloading a coupon, or let a user know about an event, such as a flash sale. Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app.

Push Notifications Cover
QR Code Coupon Icon

QR Code Coupon

This feature prompts users to scan QR codes at a specific sales point and take advantage of offered discounts.

QR Code Coupon Cover
Skippables Advertise Banner Icon

Skippables Advertise Banner

Skippable banner ads are small banners displayed on top of on botton of the device screen. They are about 50px in height and thus are notl bothering people using the app. Create a CPM campaign on and earn big from simply displaying tiny banner ads in your app.

Skippables Advertise Banner Cover
Skippables Advertise Interstitial Icon

Skippables Advertise Interstitial

Interstitial ads pay a lot. That's your best option if you plan to monetize your app from ads. Skippables have highest audience retention rate in the industry, so you don't risk loosing your audience because of ads.

Skippables Advertise Interstitial Cover
Video Library Icon

Video Library

You make a list of videos and upload all of them to the cloud. First time application user watches a video it pulls it from cloud. Second and consecutive watches, video is loaded from device storage. Thus, your video content is available even in offline mode, when there is no internet connection.

Video Library Cover
360 View Icon

360 View

With this feature, you can enjoy beautiful 360 panorama view. It's very easy to use. Create a 360 degree panoramic view by uploading 8 images each taken at a 45 degree angle.

360 View Cover

If you need a new custom feature or you need a custom feature behavior performing specific actions, please describe them here