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CloudAppNet - Content Delivery Network

CloudAppNet is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting solutions for small businesses. offers:

- XSites and XApps for MyArea Business Listings. Businesses listed on MyArea want to extent their presentation Information with a web site that runs inside MyArea and contains customer details information like restaurant menu, Event schedule or with an interactive app by offering a mobile checkin, appointment schedule, waiting list, an interactive branded game, featuring some discounts and special offering. All these are possible to implement Inside MyArea as interactive XApps by Creating new Bundle on

- Full Size Websites, Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for desktop and mobile versions hosted on custom domains.ex: or Progressive Web Apps are lightweight mobile apps that run inside web browser, can be placed on device home screen and can work in offline mode.

On you can create Cloud Resource Bundle by selecting an application template. This Bundle can be modified in Editor Page by drag and drop in live mode, also you can style and add colors to your app, edit navigation bar and create new pages.

Cloud Synchronization

Save your files, photos and other resources to Cloud and use them to build applications on Every edited file will be synced and see changes instantly on all your devices where the app is installed.